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General Patient Information
The following information answers our patients' most common questions, but we always have time to deal with your
personal concerns. If you don't find your answer here, please ask.
What Kind of Care Does the Center Offer?
Our doctors specialize in orthopaedic care and rehabilitation. Orthopaedic medicine treats diseases, disorders and injuries
of muscles, bones and joints. We deal daily with broken bones, general bone or joint diseases, hand and foot problems,
sports injuries, bone cancer, spinal disorders, scoliosis, pediatric orthopaedic problems and many other bone/ muscle/joint
Surgery is but one option for many orthopaedic conditions, and in this office it is usually the last option. Depending on your
diagnosis, we may be able to use braces, casts, physical therapy or medication to treat your condition.
Just as no two people are exactly the same, no two ailments or injuries are alike either. For this reason we may conduct a
series of tests or x-rays before we begin treatment. Your unique condition and personal needs always guide us in choosing
methods of treatment that are right for you.
You, too, are a key player on the team that is working to make you well. Often we find clues to peoples' ailments just by
listening, so we need to hear your questions and concerns. Ask us anything; there ARE no frivolous questions. Experience
has shown us when you take an active part in your own diagnosis and treatment you get well faster.
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About Appointments
Our appointment system is designed to shorten the amount of time you wait to see a doctor. However, emergencies do
happen. If you ever find yourself having to wait, we hope you'll remember that some day the person needing our immediate
attention could be you. Appointments are made during our regular office hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through
Thursdays and 8:30am to 1:30pm on Friday. For after-hours emergencies, just call our regular telephone number and our
24-hour answering service will help you reach the doctor on call. If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason,
please let us know as far in advance as you can. Your courtesy may free up that time and help another patient.
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Personal History
Our personal history paper work will have questions about your ailment, your general health, etc. Some questions will be
personal but every question is important and helps our doctor help you. Anything you tell us is strictly confidential and will be
released only with your approval.
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Evaluation Only
If you were referred for "evaluation only" or "IME only" by another doctor, an insurance company, or an attorney, please be
aware that this is the only service our doctor can provide. We are not authorized to give treatment or prescriptions to an
"evaluation only" patient.
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Evaluation & Treatment
Insurance carriers insist that "evaluation and treatment" or "IME and treatment" must be authorized before any treatment
begins. If you were referred to us for evaluation and treatment by an insurance company or attorney, your doctor will examine
you and schedule or conduct necessary tests. He will then make a preliminary diagnosis and begin a treatment program that
is right for you.
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This is a non-smoking office and building. Tobacco smoke has been proven to harm the smoker and "secondhand smoke"
will harm others.
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Hospitals/Emergency Care
If you have a life-threatening emergency, always dial 911 first. One of our doctors is always available for urgent orthopaedic
problems. When the office is closed, our answering service will reach the doctor on call. Our doctors respond to
emergencies at the following area hospitals.
601 Main Street
Dunedin, FL 34698
(727) 733-1111
3231 McMullen Booth Rd.
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
(727) 725-6111
Prescription Refills
Please don't wait until you run out of medicine to call for a refill. In fact, call at least two days ahead. In order to protect you,
your doctor must review your medical file before renewing a prescription. Our doctors rotate between several locations - the
local hospitals and our office. It could be 24 hours after you call before your doctor can review your file. The files are
reviewed and prescriptions are called to pharmacies at the end of office hours after all patients have been seen.
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About Narcotics
By law, doctors cannot order refills for narcotics over the phone. A written prescription is required. You must obtain your refill
prescription in person or by mail, and take it to your pharmacist to have it filled.
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We work hard to make sure you receive the best orthopaedic care available, and we also work to keep our fees as low as
possible. Our fees are comparable to other orthopaedic groups in and around Orlando. We charge a flat fee for your office
visit; then each item or service (x-rays, laboratory tests, casts, splints, etc.) is billed separately. Estimates can be provided for
surgeries, and deposits are sometimes required. We are always willing to discuss charges with our patients. If you need
some time to pay for our service, we are happy to help you set up an easy payment plan.
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It is customary to pay for medical care the day it is received. Unless you make prior arrangements or are covered by an HMO,
PPO or Medicare plan, you should arrange to pay at the time of each visit to our office. For your convenience we accept Visa,
MasterCard, American Express, cash, or personal check.  Note: There is a $30.00 charge for any returned check.
We will be glad to work out an individual payment plan with you if necessary, and if you request it in advance. In return, we
expect you to make regular, on-time monthly payments. We can, however, charge your unpaid balance to your credit card at
any time. We reserve the right to charge interest on any account that is 60 days past due.
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We mail statements monthly. Payments are due in our office 15 days after you receive your statement. If you have a hardship
and need more time to pay, please speak with a financial secretary right away. We can always work out something if you talk
with us, but failure to call us could leave us no choice but to ask for full payment of your account.
Payment plans are available to those patients that may qualify. A $15.00 late fee will be applied on missed payments.
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Private Companies
Insurance coverage is an agreement between you and your insurance company. You expect your insurance to pay, and we
expect you to make sure we are paid. To help you collect from your insurance, we will complete all your medical insurance
claim forms and send them in on your behalf so that your insurance company can pay us directly. Any remaining balance that
is not covered by your insurance is your responsibility. If you and your insurance pay us more than you owe, we will send the
overpayment back to you.
We participate in Medicare. When you receive treatment you are responsible for your annual deductible, any items not
covered, and the 20% not paid by Medicare. We will mail you a statement each month showing any payment activity on your
account. As a Medicare patient, you should not make payments until Medicare has considered your claim and mailed an EOB
(Explanation of Benefits) form to you. Orlando Orthopaedic Center is a non-participating provider in Medicare HMO Plans and
Medicare Replacement Plans. Medicare HMO and PPO Replacement Plans are different from Medicare Supplemental Plans
or GAP. If you are unsure of your plan benefits, please contact your insurance company for more information and providers
covered in your plan.
HMOs and PPOs
If you are covered by an HMO or PPO, each one has different insurance arrangements and claim procedures. Some require
deductibles and co-payments which you must pay. Our staff will work with you to see that you receive your full benefits.
Click here to view a list of the insurance carriers that we currently accept.
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Disability Forms & Attorneys' Reports
You may sometimes need a document completed. An example is a disability form. We will be happy to complete any
appropriate form you bring to our office but there is a charge to defray our administrative costs. If your attorney needs reports
or forms, we'll be happy to respond to his or her written request, but only with your signed approval. Depending on the
request, some charges may need to be prepaid by either you or your attorney.
Important Reminder: Your attorney may have agreed to wait until your claim is settled before receiving payment for legal
assistance. We do not provide medical care on that basis. Please see the sections titled "Payment," "Collections," and
"Insurance," and talk with your doctor's financial counselor about any questions you may have.
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Your Medical Records & X-rays
Your records and x-rays are kept in strict confidence as part of our permanent file. We will release copies only if we have your
written permission. For copies of patient records or x-rays we must charge, in advance, to cover our material costs. Copies of
records and x-rays are available for you in person or by mail; however, if absolutely necessary to mail the records, we charge
a small fee to cover our mailing costs. Please give us at least 24 hours notice prior to coming in and picking up records or
x-rays as it does take some time to get things together for you. Use the
Medical Records Request form to request your
records, or call us at (813) 855-8450.
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